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Course Options Introduction

2013 Wisconsin Act 20, the 2013-15 biennial budget act, eliminated Part-Time Open Enrollment and, in its place, established a new program for students entitled Course Options. Course Options still provides a means for Wisconsin students to take courses offered by other Wisconsin school districts, but now also includes the opportunity for students to enroll in courses offered by charter schools, various institutions of higher education, and approved nonprofit organizations at no cost to the student.

Specifically, the new Course Options law allows a pupil enrolled in a public school district to take up to two courses at any time from an educational institution.  Wisconsin Educational institutions are defined under the Course Options statute as:

  • A public school in a nonresident school district;
  • the University of Wisconsin System;
  • a technical college;
  • nonprofit institutions of higher education;
  • a tribal college;
  • a charter school; and
  • a nonprofit organization that has been approved by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).

The links below provide additional information about Course Options including the application form and guidance for submitting and processing the application.

For Students and Parents

Course Options Application(DOC - 119 KB)

Principal Letter(PDF - 21 KB)